Cough with flu remedies with 7 unique ways

Cough with Flu Remedies with 7 Unique Ways is about 7 unique and unusual ways as cough with flu remedies. Entering the rainy season, no wonder if the flu become more common. Many people handle it by taking antibiotics or other drugs. But did you know that there are some other ways that are quite unique but it can help cure the flu and cough. Here the Cough with Flu Remedies with 7 Unique Ways.

Cough with flu remedies, here the unique ways

1. Listening to Jazz music
The study found that listening to jazz for 30 minutes increases Immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is an immune protein to protect the body from infection. According to naturopathic doctor Jean-Jacques Dugoua, IgA located in mucosal which is limiting the nose, mouth, throat, and other body areas and serves as an antibody that prevents virus.

2. Wearing wet socks
Although it may sound strange, but according to doctor Leslie Solomonian wearing wet socks during sleep can boost immunity. The way to do that is soak socks in cold water, then wear on your feet and cover again with warm woolen socks. According to Dr. Solomonian, cold socks stimulate circulation to the feet, relieving the congestion of the head, and regulate the immune response.

3. Light exercise
According to Dr. Dugoua, light exercise can produce anti-inflammatory effects (can eliminate the inflammation that is not caused by infection) and subsequently reduce the risk of infection. Light exercise can also increase body temperature which serves to enhance the immune response. If you are lazy to exercise, drink tea that can produce sweat like peppermint tea, yarrow, or catnip which equally serves to raise the body temperature.

4. Consuming chocolate
Chocolate contains theobromine, which is the component that suppresses nerve activity that causes coughing. However, the sugar content can weaken the immune system, therefore consume dark chocolate that contains no sugar. If you do not like the taste of bitter chocolate, you can add honey. – Cough with Flu Remedies with 7 Unique Ways

Cough with flu remedies with 7 unique ways, consuming chocolate

Cough with flu remedies, the next unique ways

5. Onions
Onions can prevent the flu because it is antimicrobial, especially in raw conditions. In addition, onions also contain a lot of sulfur which helps immune function and detoxification. Eat raw onions with cough syrup or cook the onions in chicken broth or vegetable.

6. Consuming oysters
Oysters are rich in the mineral zinc, which plays a role in regulating the function of white blood cells that fight viruses and bacteria. According to Dr. Dugoua, oysters are the best sources of zinc. If you are a vegetarian, you can eat foods that contain wheat, beans, or supplements.

7. A glass of coconut water
When a cold and a fever, the body loses a lot of fluids, for that body fluids must be replaced by eating foods or drinks that contain electrolytes. According to Dr. Dugoua, coconut water is a good source of electrolytes. In addition to coconut water, electrolytes can also be obtained from the salt, and bananas. – Cough with Flu Remedies with 7 Unique Ways

Cough with flu remedies with 7 unique ways, drink coconut water

Look again this, 7 unique and unusual ways as cough with flu remedies

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