Diet recipes Korean girl band

Diet Recipes by Korean Girl Band is about Korean girl band diet recipes. Korean woman beautiful body has always been a conversation among women. Many people always ask where the beauty of Korean girl band gained. Beautiful face and supported by the ideal body shape, no doubt it makes a lot of people want to know. Here are the secret of diet recipes by Korean girl band.

Diet recipes of Nine Muses, Stellar and Secret

Korean journalists have sought out and interviewed some Korean girl band like Nine Muses, and Stellar. They also had a chance to speak with a dietitian from biggest Korean girl band like the Girls’ Generation or SNSD and SECRET.

Nine Muses plainly reveal their personal diet recipes style, which fill the stomach through the 2/3 cup of rice and 1/3 of side dish of their choice. These girls reasoned that it allows them to eat different things in the same range, thus helping them to feel satisfied with the food.

SECRET prefer a high protein and low carbohydrate diet recipes, while Stellar rely solely on a lunch that packed from home.

Nine Muses Korean girl band diet recipes

SECRET Korean girl band diet recipes

Stellar Korean girl band diet recipes

Diet recipes of Girls’ Generation or SNSD

Unlike the others Korean girl band, Girls’ Generation or SNSD have a more complicated food for their diet recipes intake. Girls’ Generation or SNSD consumes a diet recipes which consists of rice, grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli and seasonal vegetables. As for the lunch, they eat rice and grilled chicken breast, cabbage, bell pepper salad, and almonds. For dinner, Girls’ Generation or SNSD are eating sweet potatoes, eggs, cabbage, and bell pepper salad.

From the all diet recipes style made by the Korean girl band, the most popular secret diet recipes is the egg white.

Girls’ Generation diet recipes

Look again this Korean girl band diet recipes

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