Aromatherapy oils to cure colds and coughs

Aromatherapy Oils to Cure Colds and Coughs is about colds and coughs can be cured with aromatherapy oils. In addition to relaxing the mind and body, aromatherapy oils can be used as a natural remedy to relieve cold and cough. Molecular content of aromatherapy oils works against viruses and bacteria. In addition, these molecules also helps increase the body’s defense system. Here the Aromatherapy Oils to Cure Colds and Coughs.

Aromatherapy oils, here the benefits

There are some viruses that tend to be resistant to the drug or a prescription. Aromatherapy experts believe that aromatherapy oils has a better ability to fight colds and influenza than any drug.

Therefore, when you feel a cold start to attack, quickly use this oil until the condition back to health. Aromatherapy is faster to relieve influenza if taken before you attacked. However, if that ailment has been bothering you, apply aromatherapy oils every 2 or 3 hours once in the neck and chest.

In the rainy season, which aromatherapy oils suitable for use are oregano, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and lemon. Oregano oil is the most widely used to relieve coughs and colds. But, you must be careful when using it, do not expose the facial skin that can cause irritation. If you experience shortness of breath due to colds or lung problems, try to drops oregano oil into the water, and taken regularly for 5 days.

Aromatherapy oils, the next oils

In addition to oregano, lemon oil is useful to improve the immune system. Drink a glass of water with lemon oil spilled. Lemon oil content is considered a photosensitive so that should not be applied to your skin.

For those of you who want to use aromatherapy oils as the influenza and cough remedy, should follow the rules of the usage. This oil is not only beneficial for beauty, but also to your health.

Cure colds and coughs with aromatherapy oils

Look again this, colds and coughs can be cured with aromatherapy oils

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