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Benefits of Massage for Body Health is about massage body health benefits. Massage is not only useful to eliminate stiffness or relaxation. Massage that has many health benefits, one of them to heart. Here are 5 benefits of massage for body health:

Benefits of massage, here they are

1. Lung and stomach
This is the first benefits of massage. When massaged, the vagus nerve – the nerve that connects the digestive system to the brain and manage the flow of blood to the gut, sending ‘messages’ to the lungs to breathe more slowly and in the digestive system that could work better. But when someone fatigue, lungs will work harder and belly takes processing longer to digest the sweet food.

2. Heart
For heart is the second benefits of massage. When massaged on the back area, neck and chest, your heart rate is lower, up to 10 beats per minute. It makes the blood pressure fell as much as eight percent.

3. Gland
The third benefits of massage is for gland. Massage can help you to reduce anxiety. The vagus nerve instructs the adrenal glands to reduce the production of stress hormones like cortisol and vasopressin.

Benefits of massage body health, heart

Benefits of massage, the next for body health

4. Brain
Here the next benefits of massage. Brain waves have the ability to vary according to the circumstances of someone’s body. If massaged in the morning, then you will feel more refreshed and alert. Meanwhile, if done at bedtime, then you will have a quality sleep time.

5. Aches and pains
This is the last benefits of massage for body health. Forget about taking aspirin because massage can trigger the body’s strength to fight pain. On his way to the brain, the pressure signal from the nerve cells of the skin goes through the spine – one of central pain. Pressure signals travel faster than the pain, thereby reducing the pain. That was 5 benefits of massage for body health.

Benefits of massage body health, pain

Look again this 5 benefits of massage for body health

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