Best sleeping position for your healthy

Best Sleeping Position for Your Healthy is about keep your healthy with best sleeping position. The wrong sleeping position can often result in pain in the back, neck, and even premature wrinkling. There are some recommended sleeping position and some are to be avoided. Here the Best Sleeping Position for Your Healthy.

Best sleeping position, here they are

1. Supine
This is the first best sleeping position. Sleeping with the supine position, allowing the head, neck and spine to maintain a neutral position. This best sleeping position can prevent neck and back pain, minimize wrinkles and keep the breast form remains good. Unfortunately the supine position is not suitable for those with habitual snoring. Jaw and throat are also under the influence of gravity which causes the throat narrows to produce air turbulence that causes vibration and snoring.

2. Sideways
Sideways is the second of best sleeping position. Sleeping on your side is actually good for your overall health because it reduces snoring and stretches the spine. But the lack of this position is, “can lead to wrinkles and sag breast,” said Dee Anna Glaser, MD, professor of dermatology at Saint Louis University. If you’re pregnant, sleep sideways to the left could be an option due to blood flow.

Best sleeping position for your healthy, sideways

Best sleeping position, the next

Not only best sleeping position there are also sleeping position to be avoided

3. Curl up and sideways
According to Glaser, the position of sleeping on your side with knees aligned with hips and your chin on your chest, can make the joints ache, especially for those who suffer from rheumatic diseases. This position is also restricting diaphragmatic breathing, causing wrinkles and breast sag. If you like to sleep with this position, you should not curl too extreme.

4. Prone
This position is also called as the position of the ‘belly’. According to Glaser, this position puts pressure on joints and muscles that can causes pain to numbness. But the prone position good for those who snore because the airway becomes more open. If you do not have a history of back pain, neck and likes to snore, prone sleep position is the right choice. That was best sleeping position for your healthy.

Best sleeping position for your healthy, prone

Look again this, keep your healthy with best sleeping position

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