Candle massage, massage sensation with candle

Candle Massage, Massage Sensation with Candle is about sensation of candle massage. People often get a massage using massage oil or ointment. But, did you ever think of doing massage with candles? Urban routines that are so dense sometimes bad for health. Body aches and fatigue is one of the consequences. To relieve pain, many people do massage. Here the Candle Massage, Massage Sensation with Candle.

Candle massage from Sari Ayu Martha Tilaar

As a brand of cosmetics that have a very long time in Indonesia, Sari Ayu Martha Tilaar like never run out of new ideas to enhance the Indonesian women. This time, Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa introduced new body treatments namely Candle Massage.

“This is an innovation and the latest evolution of regular massage oils, but packed into a Massage Candle innovation,” said Deputy General Manager at Martha Tilaar Beauty, Wulan.

When hearing candle massage, maybe people are afraid to try it. But apparently, this is not proven at all. The massage process is done by burning a special candle. These candles for candle massage are made from petroleum, shea butter, palm oil, as well as aromatherapy oils, and a variety of useful spices for your skin.

Do not worry if the skin will be burned by molten wax because the oil that comes from wax is not hot, but warm. With a special manufacturing process, the wax will not harden in the skin, the oil from the wax is actually lifting dead skin cells.

Healthy candle massage

Candle massage the first time in Indonesia

“Oil from Candle Massage is warm and provide better benefits than ordinary massage oils,” said Wulan.

Wulan added, Candle massage is the first time in Indonesia. Previously, the Candle massage already exists in some countries, like Thailand and the United States. Candle massage has several options, namely Exotic Franny Panny for dry skin, Tropical Hibiscus for dull skin, Secret Lotus for normal skin, and a lime coconut that give moisturizing effect.

Candle massage

Look again this, sensation of candle massage

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