Demi Moore Body Detoxification with Leech

Posted by howtohea_life On September - 15 - 2011

Demi Moore Body Detoxification with Leech is about healthy leech for Demi Moore body detoxification. Detoxify the body is often done by eating healthy and possibly also with certain slimming tea. But, Demi Moore chose another way that is quite strange, and for some people might be horrible. Demi Moore detoxify her body by the bite of a leech. In an interview with David Letterman on NBC, Demi Moore says leeches are useful to detoxify the blood.

Demi Moore body detoxification

Demi Moore body detoxification

According to Demi Moore (48-year-old), leech will put some little certain enzymes into your blood when he bites you, and that enzymes will detoxify your blood.

“With the leech bite, your can detoxify blood and optimize health. Leeches detoxify the blood and the circulation of blood, and I’ve really felt detoxified now,” said Demi Moore who is the wife of actor and producer film Ashton Kutcher.

In addition to detoxify the blood, the treatment practice of using leeches also good for health and beauty of the skin, to overcome joint pain, glaucoma, osteoarthritis, and myasthenia.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore vs medical community

That you should know according to Demi Moore is the used leeches are leeches that bred specifically for the treatment purpose, not at all leeches that taken from the marshes.

Demi More and many people take advantage of treatment with leeches seem to believe with that ancient methods of treatment. They seemed do not care about the opinion of the medical community that scientifically there is no evidence that the leech is useful for body detoxification and beauty treatments. In fact, the doctors said, using the leech bites as the body detoxification is quite risky, because it can cause infection.

Body detoxification of Demi Moore, leech

Look again this healthy leech for Demi Moore body detoxification

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