Flu treatment with simple ways

Flu Treatment with Simple Ways is about 7 simple ways as flu treatment. When the rainy season, not a few people who have a cold or flu. Therefore, it helps if you know the seven simple ways to tackle a disease that is quite disturbing activity. Here the flu treatment with simple ways:

Flu treatment, here the simple ways

1. Get plenty of rest
This is the first of simple flu treatment. Having enough sleep can relax the body and gather energy to fight the virus. The immune system will react properly if you move with the condition of the body is not exhausted.

2. Consuming food or hot drink
Hot food and drink is the second of simple flu treatment. When the body got the flu, doctors recommend eating lots of hot drinks and foods. According to health experts, hot drink and food can be remove blockage caused by the cold. Therefore, why soup has always been a mainstay of medicine while you are sick.

3. Hand Washing
The third of simple flu treatment. Your hands touch many things around. So do not be surprised if the hand is one of the most parts of the body contain bacteria. So that the immune not decline due to bacteria, there’s nothing wrong if you are more diligent about washing hands.

4. Wash your mouth regularly
This is the fourth of simple flu treatment. Gargle with the use of salt water (two teaspoons in a glass) and make sure you do not swallow the water. Salt water can help cure a sore throat and fight the virus that can cause your body to become weak.

Flu treatment with eating soup

Flu treatment, the next simple ways

5. Lots of vitamin C
Here the next of simple flu treatment. Increase your consumption of fruits such as oranges and lemons or fruits that contain lots of vitamin C. But if you want a more practical, vitamin C tablet could be an alternative.

6. Warm the body
This is the six of simple flu treatment. When you’re down with the flu, environments with cold temperatures and dry is not appropriate for the recovery of the body. With a hot bath, you can also relaxes the mind and body.

7. Eat garlic
This is the last of simple flu treatment. This way may sound strange. However, eating raw garlic can get rid of the cold in your body. British researchers found that people who eat garlic have the possibility of two-thirds less exposed to the flu.

Flu treatment with eating garlic

Look again this, 7 simple ways as flu treatment

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