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Hair and skin problems, exercise

Hair and Skin Problems Caused by Exercise Frequently is about exercise often causes hair and skin problems. There are some hair and skin problems that are common in those who exercise frequently. Exercising is important for maintaining health and body fitness. But, you should not forget to treat skin and hair. Because, often exercising easily trigger the emergence of problems on both sections such as fungal infection, acne, odors, limp hair, dandruff hair.

Hair and skin problems, the prevention

The emergence of hair and skin problems due to frequent exercise is certainly not pleasant. Besides disturbing aesthetically, could also affect medically. So that the hair and skin problems does not appear, you should take precautions in the following ways. The first is take a bath, exercise makes the whole body sweat. Sweat that is too long attached to the body skin will make the skin moist.

In addition to bathing, you should immediately wash your hair or shampooing after exercising so that sweat or oil is not too long attached to the scalp and hair. But, do not forget to dry the sweat from scalp and hair first, then shampoo. Shampooing every day to keep your scalp and hair health

Shampooing – hair and skin problems

Hair and skin problems, the next prevention

Sweat which not dried immediately after exercise will also make the condition of the feet become moist. That allows the athlete’s foot and cause odor. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to reduce foot moisture. One way by change socks regularly.

In addition, to reduce moisture in the feet which can cause mildew and odor, you should air the wind shoes after be used for exercising. That was done so that there are air circulation inside the shoes.

Note also the neatness of the hair when exercising. For example, for those who have long hair, you should tie your hair. The action of tidy the hair is done so that the hair does not cover the face and neck skin area, thereby minimizing the risk of acne in that area.

Socks and shoes – hair and skin problems

Look again this exercise often causes hair and skin problems

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