Happy healthy long life

Happy Healthy Long Life with 5 Habits is about 5 habits to get happy healthy long life. Human life is in God’s hands, but that does not mean we can live it arbitrarily. Here are seven healthy ways you can do to prolong life. 5 habits to get happy healthy long life:

Happy healthy long life, here the habits

1. Drinking milk
This is the first happy healthy long life habits. As quoted from the Health, researchers in England found that diligent in drinking milk can reducing the threat of coronary heart disease and stroke by 20%. Their findings clearly show that when the number of deaths from heart attacks, stroke and colo-rectal cancer was calculated there was strong evidence of the overall reduction in risk of dying from chronic diseases due to consumption of milk.

2. Walking quickly
There is a simple way to get happy healthy long life, that is by adding at walking pace. University of Pittsburgh explained that those who walk faster 0.1 meters/second, connected with a decreased risk of death by 12%. While those aged 75 to 84 years, 92% of those who like walk quickly (1.4 m/sec or faster), live 10 years longer than those who are slower.

3. Relate well with coworkers
This is the happy healthy long life habits. A study from the Journal of Health Pscychology explained that they are less good social relationships at work more quickly risky die within the next 20 years. PLoS Medicine study last year also had found people who have a working connection is bad, die more rapidly in the period of 7.5 years, as reported by Time. The workplace should be a reliable place to get emotional support.

Happy healthy long life, walking

Happy healthy long life, the next habits

4. Shopping
Here the next happy healthy long life habits. A study conducted over 10 years by Taiwan’s National Health Research shows that shopping every day will make someone have an average percentage of 25% longer life and more fit body. Women who shop every day has a percentage of 23% longer life. As for a man, shopping can give longevity by 28%.

5. Drinking tea
Drinking tea can help you get happy healthy long life, according to research conducted almost in the whole world. In that study, 2,000 Chinese women who drink green tea regularly (plus mushroom diet) can reduce cancer risk by 90 percent. Meanwhile, research on 40,000 women and Japanese men who drink five cups of green tea a day lowered their chances of stroke and heart disease.

Happy healthy long life, drinking tea

Look again this 5 habits to get happy healthy long life

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