Health hazards lack of sleep

Health Hazards Due to Lack of Sleep is about lack of sleep health hazards. Quality sleep is a key to be able to think clearly and feel relaxed. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired and sensitive, even at risk of health problems. Here are four health hazards due to lack of sleep:

Health hazards, here are:

1. Mental alertness and cognitive abilities
This is the first health hazards of lack of sleep. In the short term, lack of sleep can reduce mental alertness. The loss of 90 minutes of sleep can decrease mental alertness by 32 percent. If alertness is reduced, it can cause someone have an accident during activity. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission, 100 thousand car accidents occurred due to a lack of mental alertness due to lack of sleep.

2. Quality of life
Quality of life is the second lack of sleep health hazards. Lack of sleep can reduce the quality of life, making it difficult for you to enjoy daily activities. If less wary and easier to feel tired, you may not be able to involved in family activities such as traveling or playing with your child. That habit also can damage the spouse sleep time and forcing your to not sleep together. Lack of sleep can also make someone feel sad, depressed, strained with their social relations.

Health hazards lack of sleep family activities

Health hazards of lack of sleep, the next

3. Obesity
Here the next lack of sleep health hazards. Lack of sleep can increase calorie consumption and weight gain. A person who is experiencing lack of sleep will eat more calories when he wakes up. Women eat 300 calories, while men eat 200 calories more than they should. In addition, women also tend to choose foods that contain lots of fat when she could not sleep.

4. Serious illness
This is the last lack of sleep health hazards. Over time, difficulty sleeping habits could open up possibilities for you to affected by the serious illness. Not only that, you are also at risk of high blood pressure, heart attack or heart failure.

Health hazards lack of sleep, obesity

Look again this lack of sleep health hazards

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