Healthy lifestyle in 7 place of the world

Healthy Lifestyle in 7 Place of The World is about 7 place in the world with the most healthy lifestyle. Apparently the culture and geography influence their healthy lifestyle. In some places and countries, found people who live more than a hundred years because of the natural environment that is free from pollution, and their habit of living a healthy lifestyle. Here the healthy lifestyle in 7 place of the world:

Healthy lifestyle place

1. Iceland
This is the first place with healthy lifestyle. According to research, they have a record of the lowest babies mortality rates, that is 2 among 1,000 babies. Apparently the reason they get into the category of a healthy state because the population have a healthy lifestyle that is more often employed outside the home and go workout at the gym.

2. Japan
This is the second place with healthy lifestyle. Japan is the highest fish-consuming countries in the world, as well as soy and seaweed. Japanese people eat way unique too, they will stop eating when 80 percent of their stomach was full. Then wait 10 minutes, then decided to go eat or not. According to the World Health Organization, Japan’s population live on average over 74.5 years and in large part because of their healthy lifestyle.

3. Sweden
Sweden is the third place with healthy lifestyle. The Swedish government imposed a policy that people want to live a healthy lifestyle, such as keep a balance between work and vacation. Given the geographic proximity, the Swedes consume lots of fish processed foods with omega fatty acid levels are high. They do not use oil for cooking, but boiled, fermented, smoked or dried.

Japan healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle, the next place

4. Sardinia
Here the next place with healthy lifestyle. Place in Italy has a great numbers for the population aged over 100 years. Most of the men was a herdsman. They often walk about 5 kilometers a day. Commonly consumed foods such as wheat, beans, tomatoes, vegetables, garlic, fruits, olive oil and pecorino cheese.

5. New Zealand
This is the last place with healthy lifestyle. The air in this country is almost the same as Iceland, pollution-free and sparsely populated. Most people get food by picking from a tree or pick up in the park. That healthy lifestyle makes the food consumed is always fresh and healthy. The population are also have healthy lifestyle activities such as hiking, camping or fishing.

New Zealand healthy lifestyle

Look again this 7 place in the world with the most healthy lifestyle

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