Healthy Teeth for Long Life is about prolonging life with healthy teeth. A healthy teeth can improve the quality of somebody life, so it can prolonging life. Someone who has an unhealthy teeth, such as cavities or tartar, of course that people going to be easy to feel pain around the teeth and mouth. In fact, it can occur the infectious germs that cause the emergence of other diseases.

Healthy teeth, long life

Healthy teeth, the problems

That’s because the food scraps and bacteria in the mouth can enter into body’s circulatory system by attaching to the walls of blood vessels. Thus, allowing other diseases arise that are not expected before, such as cardiovascular disorders, respiratory disorders, stroke, diabetes, and preterm birth in pregnant women.

Even, in children, problematic teeth are also able to inhibit the absorption of nutrients by the body, thus affecting the child’s intelligence.

Healthy teeth, children

Take care your healthy teeth

For that, to get a healthy teeth, try to always brush your teeth after eating, at least do gargle with mouthwash after eating, and always use dental floss so that food scraps does not stick and left in between teeth. To avoid problems in the teeth, you should go to the dentist regularly, at least once in six months. Also multiply to consume fruits and vegetables to a healthy body always maintained.

Healthy teeth, dental floss

Healthy teeth, fruit

Look again this long life with healthy teeth

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