Heart disease prevention

Heart Disease Prevention by Eating Nuts is about eating nuts as the heart disease prevention. Nuts are not only functions as a right snack when dieting. Many other benefits to be gained from eating peanuts, one of them as the heart disease prevention.

Heart disease prevention, metabolic syndrome

According to the researchers, the habit of eating nuts can reduce heart disease risk for patients with metabolic syndrome or those who have excess abdominal fat, blood sugar and high blood pressure. Metabolic syndrome has long associated with the risk of many deadly diseases include diabetes, heart attack and stroke, as reported in the Journal of Proteome Research.

Researcher, Cristina Andres-Lacueva and her colleagues from the human nutrition unit at the Rovira i Virgili University explains, “The increasing obesity in the world means more and more people suffering from metabolic syndrome.”

Heart disease prevention eating nuts

Heart disease prevention, the research

To examine the benefits of eating nuts, the researchers asked 22 patients with metabolic syndrome to a diet of nuts as heart disease prevention for 12 weeks. The researchers compared that group with 20 people who did not consume nuts as heart disease prevention.

The results of the study was explained that the content of serotonin is the key. Serotonin is believed by researchers to help reduce cravings, make people feel happier and improve heart health. So it can say eating nuts is one way as heart disease prevention. That was heart disease prevention by eating nuts.

Heart disease prevention, nuts

Look again this eating nuts as the heart disease prevention

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