Heel pain causes, treatment

Heel Pain Causes and Treatment is about treatment and heel pain causes. Heel pain is a common complaint for the orthopedic surgeon and podiatrist. The pain is causing you discomfort on the move. Check out an understanding of these heel pain causes, which can help you overcome the pain in the heel.

Heel pain causes, about

1. Understand the heel pain that strikes you
Generally, heel pain causes is inflammation along the bottom of the foot that connects heel bone to your toes. Plantar fasciitis causes stabbing pain or a burning sensation in the morning because the fascia contracts overnight. However, after walking a while, the pain tends to diminish. However, there is the possibility of heel pain back after standing or sitting for hours. Heel pain is experienced by all ages, especially those that have diabetes problems.

2. Why it happen?
The second about heel pain causes and treatment. Foot has 26 bones and the heel bone (calcaneus) is the biggest. The heel function is to sustain the body weight when walking or running. So, do not be surprised if the heel vulnerable to pain. Therefore, do not do excessive physical activity, wear comfortable shoes, and reduce the sugary foods in order to not get diabetes.

Heel pain causes

Heel pain causes and treatment

3. Heel pain causes
The next about heel pain causes and treatment. Heel pain is usually felt on one leg caused by Achilles tendonitis or retrocalcaneal bursitis. Achilles tendonitis is a chronic condition associated with long-term damage to the Achilles tendon (the muscle that connects the heel bone). While retrocalcaneal bursitis is a condition where the back of the heel bone swelling that causes painful.

4. heel pain treatment
Treatment is generally with the heel stretching, ice cube wrapped in cloth and then placed into the area of pain, shoe inserts and various therapies, such as shock wave therapy, heat, ice, ultrasonic and anti-inflammatory. If the various treatments are not successful, local steroid infiltration (perilesional glucocorticoid steroid injections to relieve pain for several weeks or months) may be an alternative as heel pain treatment. That all about heel pain causes and treatment.

Heel pain treatment

Look again this treatment and heel pain causes

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