How to healthy life dont lie

How to Healthy Life? Don’t Lie! is about how to get healthy lifestyle, just don’t lie. Many people are starting to eat less meat, drink mineral water and diligent exercise to get healthy life. But there is one more thing that needs to be done, that is reduce the habit of lying. Here the How to Healthy Life? Don’t Lie!.

How to healthy life, according to the research of Science of Honesty

A researcher Notre Dame who also works as a psychiatrist, Anita Kelly thinks that someone’s honesty has great benefits for health. The conclusion was drawn based on the research she had done before.

The research, named “Science of Honesty” found that the average American did 11 lie within a week. And it makes them have some health problems.

To prove it, Kelly was doing the research to 110 people from various backgrounds whose ages ranged from 18 to 71 years. Participants were divided into two major groups, the first group was given provisions for not lying for 10 weeks. The second group was not given any instructions. – How to Healthy Life? Don’t Lie!

Anita Kelly Notre Dame Science of Honesty

How to healthy life with don’t lie, it proven

Then the respondents came to the lab every week to fill out questionnaires about their health. The questionnaire was a polygraph test. A test that records a person’s response when given a question, and are useful for assessing the amount of lies.

The result as had been previously thought. Half of the participants were honest for 10 weeks claimed to be healthier than those who lie. he participants who lied often complain of headaches, sore throats, tension, anxiety, and other health problems. At the end of the study Kelly noted there were few participants realize this and they began to stop to lie.

“I think lying can cause stress for many people, even many of those who get depressed because of anxiety,” said Dr. Bryan Bruno, head of the department of psychiatry Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, USA. – How to Healthy Life? Don’t Lie!

Healthy lifestyle tips dont lie

Look again this, how to healthy life? don’t lie!

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