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Lady Gaga Weight and Diet is about news of Lady Gaga weight and diet. Because of extreme dieting, Lady Gaga must exercise care in the hospital up to six times in 2009. This was disclosed by the former manager of Lady Gaga, David Ciemny, in his book The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga. David Ciemny claimed that Lady Gaga willing to do extreme dieting, even she had to lose weight as much as 9.5 kilograms, just for her body fitted with the costumes were relative small.

Lady Gaga weight, diet

Lady Gaga weight and diet vs junk food

In fact, earlier times Lady Gaga loved junk food and sugary foods when undergoing her music tour. “Gaga does not eat for weeks. He was sick, both physically and mentally,” said David Ciemny. Lady Gaga admits, the diet was doing because she felt like other girls who are not comfortable with herself every waking in the morning.

The feeling began when she studied at a private girls’ school in New York. “Because of my nose is very large, curly brown hair and being overweight, I was often mocked,” Lady Gaga said.

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lady gaga weight, the obsession

Although claims that become singer had helped her to overcome a problem when her childhood, apparently, the obsession to always look perfect, had made her take a decisions that is not healthy. Consequently, when she appeared in performances of her music in Auckland, last March, Lady Gaga had fainted three times.

About Lady Gaga weight and diet, according to doctors, diet history of Lady Gaga is basically the result of the obsession to slim, but failed to fight lust want to eat delicious food. When later she was eating lots of junk food, her body change intake of of excess junk food into body fat much more. So, it could be Lady Gaga look slim on the outside, but in the inside her body piled more fat.

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