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Lindsay Lohan, Embarrassed By The Wrinkles on The Face is about wrinkles on the face of Lindsay Lohan. Most of the world celebrities trying to justify any means to maintain their long-lasting ageless beauty for the sake of brilliant career in the entertainment world. Starting from Botox injections, collagen injections to plastic surgery is mostly done by those who want to always maintain her beauty.

Lindsay Lohan, rumored did collagen injections

Even rumored that the beautiful actress Lindsay Lohan did collagen injections to remove wrinkles on her face. But recently, when spotted shopping in New York Soho, Lindsay Lohan tried to cover up the wrinkles on her face.

Lindsay Lohan seemed embarrassed, some of the wrinkles on her face seen by the camera. As quoted by page Daily Mail, Lohan was wearing jeans, a black top and pink lace scarf.

A source said, when she was visiting the store to buy a dress shirt. Previously, the appearance of Lindsay Lohan had been criticized because looks old when present at an event in New York, some time ago.

Lindsay Lohan face wrinkles

Lindsay Lohan improve her appearance

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly trying to improve her appearance, especially recently she selected as one of the stars to play in a new documentary film about Marilyn Monroe.

Lindsay Lohan also will join other famous faces including Uma Thurman, Zoe Saldana and Viola Davis in the documentary film of Liz Garbus which will be released August 5 2012 at 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe.

Lindsay Lohan face, look old

Look again this wrinkles on the face of Lindsay Lohan

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