Nail Treatment Tips According to Nail Type

Posted by howtohea_life On December - 26 - 2011
Nail treatment tips nail type Nail Treatment Tips According to Nail Type

Nail treatment tips, nail type

Nail Treatment Tips According to Nail Type is about healthy tips of how to care nail according to nail type. To get a healthy and beautiful nails, nails need to be treated regularly and the nail treatment should be appropriate. Because, like skin and hair, nails also consists of several types. There is a type of dry, brittle, tender, or normal. Therefore, it is important to recognize your own nail type, so it can take care your nail properly with this nail treatment tips. Here’s how to recognize nail type and nail treatment tips that appropriate to the nail type.

Nail treatment tips, here are

1. Dry nail
Dry nail type seen from the characteristics that does not shine and look dull, and if touched will feel slightly rough and not smooth. The nail treatment tips secret of dry nail is rehydrating it, namely by providing vitamin E. The trick is, open a vitamin E capsule and rub the contents directly to the nail every morning and evening. Furthermore, prevent the dry nails by switching from the regular soap to special soap for washing hands.

2. Brittle nails
To find out whether or not brittle nails, try gently press both sides of the nail together. If the nail does not bend at all when pressed, chances are you including the type of brittle nails. Nails of this type has no moisturizer at all. So, do not have flexibility. The nail treatment tips for this nail is you can increase flexibility by smearing the nail with almond oil every night before bed.

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3. Nails are tender
If your nails bend when it gets light touch, and rarely grow longer than the fingertips, it means you have tender nails type. The easiest way as the nail treatment tips to strengthen nails tender is by smearing the nail with nail hardener.

4. Normal nail
If you have none problems mentioned above, means you have a normal nail type. Characteristic of the normal nail is the nail slightly curved when pressed, pink colored and shiny and grow easily. And the nail treatment tips for normal nail type is try to maintain the health of your nails by soften with a hand cream regularly, and avoid strong detergents and very hot water. That was some of  nail treatment tips.

Nail type, nail treatment tips

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