Tara Reid plastic surgery gone wrong

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong of Celebrities is about celebrities plastic surgery gone wrong. Plastic surgery is no guarantee that you look beautiful. Although plastic surgery claimed to be safe and can give you a perfect look, but not infrequently the operating results is not satisfactory. Here the Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong of Celebrities.

Plastic surgery gone wrong, here the celebrities

1. Tara Reid
Tara Reid do the breast enlargement surgery and liposuction in the abdomen. Unfortunately the plastic surgery gone wrong and did not give the maximum results, now her stomach was wrinkled. Many have commented that the form of the stomach of the star ‘American Pie’ was like a 50 years woman’s abdomen. This  plastic surgery gone wrong, make the 36 years actress was not confident.

2. Ali Lohan
Sister of Lindsay Lohan was reportedly underwent a plastic surgery. Such issues circulated because the model who still was 17 years old, his face changed suddenly. Her face looked very thin with prominent cheekbones. Many say that Ali lohan’s face now looks wistful, like a person who is very ill because of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Ali Lohan plastic surgery gone wrong

3. Donatella Versace
This is the third of celebrities plastic surgery gone wrong. Designer of fashion house Versace done surgery because of recommendation. But seemed the operation is not as expected. After doing the operation increases the size of the lips, facelift (face tightening) and the breast, face and body shape of Donatella Versace even looks weird.

Donatella Versace plastic surgery gone wrong

Plastic surgery gone wrong, the next celebrities

4. Amanda Lepore
This famous transgender has failure facial surgery. At that time, she underwent surgery at the age of 15 years, but the results of this plastic surgery gone wrong led to disaster. His face seemed more scary and her lips become thick and wide like the Joker.

Amanda Lepore plastic surgery gone wrong

5. Hang Mioku
This is the last of celebrities plastic surgery gone wrong. As quoted from ezinemark, 48-year-old Korean singer did her first plastic surgery at the age of 28 years and was addicted. She was injected silicone into her face. When she ran out of silicone, Mioku replace it with inject cooking oil into her face. The result, Mioku beautiful face turned into a very creepy.

Hang Mioku plastic surgery gone wrong

Look again this, celebrities plastic surgery gone wrong

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