Prostate cancer prevention by eating pizza

Prostate Cancer Prevention by Eating Pizza is about pizza as prostate cancer prevention. In fact, pizza is also have benefit, among others as prostate cancer prevention and reduce the risk of heart disease. Here the Prostate Cancer Prevention by Eating Pizza.

Prostate cancer prevention, ingredients in pizza

Pizza, especially the American-style, often accused of triggering a variety of health problems. Because this Italian food is high in calories, rich in carbohydrates, and contains a lot of salt and fat. However, the researchers found two properties of the material contained in a pizza, the oregano and tomatoes.

Researchers from Long Island University, New York, studied carvacrol, a substance contained in oregano. When added to the prostate cancer cells in lab, carvacrol eliminate it quickly. In fact, after left for 4 days, almost all the cells die.

The study, presented at the Experimental Biology conference mentioned that these compounds encourages cells to ‘commit suicide’. Researchers also believe that carvacrol can be used as a prostate cancer prevention or developed into a more efficacious drug. This herb will have fewer side effects than existing treatments.

the other ingredients that are always present in pizza is tomato sauce. The red color in tomatoes comes from lycopene pigment. Past research has shown that this substance can as prostate cancer prevention and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Prostate cancer prevention, pizza

Prostate cancer prevention, need more research

But, this research is still in early stages. There is a possibility when eaten oregano, carvacrol directly digested before a positive impact on the body. In addition, oregano-based treatment also should not harm healthy cells. In essence, more research is needed to determine the clinical use of carvacrol.

“If this study continues to deliver positive results, oregano may be a promising therapy for prostate cancer patients. Moreover, this spice is often used in food. We hope there will be a reduced risk of serious toxic effects,” said Dr Bavadekar, researcher of this study, as quoted by the Daily Mail. That was prostate cancer prevention by eating pizza.

Prostate cancer prevention, eating pizza

Look again this, pizza as prostate cancer prevention

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