Skin problems, healthy foods

Skin Problems? Prevent with Healthy Foods is about prevent the skin problems by consuming healthy foods. As the largest organ, skin condition greatly influenced by what we eat. By consuming nutritious and healthy foods, the skin will be healthy, elastic and free from skin problems. Conversely, when we consume unhealthy foods, the skin will be affected. Here are four skin problems can be overcome by consuming a healthy foods.

Skin problems, here the healthy foods to combat it

1. Wrinkles vs tomato
The first is wrinkles skin problems. The appearance of wrinkles skin problems can be combated with tomatoes which cooked with olive oil. According to the study of experts from the University of Manchester, tomato paste and olive oil may increase the amount of collagen, the substance that is responsible for skin firmness and suppleness. Lycopene contained in tomatoes is an antioxidant that is good for the skin. While olive oil can help the absorption of food.

2. Cellulite vs fatty fish
The second is cellulite skin problems. Cellulite skin problems can be combated with fatty fish like salmon or sardines. That’s because fatty fish provides healthy fats called omega-3 that form the cell membrane. Stronger membrane, then better the cell in hold moisture. It means that the fat cells will disguise cellulite on the skin.

Cellulite skin problems

The next healthy foods to prevent skin problems

3. Sunburn vs dark chocolate
The third is sunburn skin problems. Sunburn skin problems can be relieved with dark chocolate. Researchers at Laval University, Quebec, Canada stated that eating dark chocolate can prevent sunburn skin problems. Women who did not provide additional protection against the sun, but drinking high levels of flavonoids, only about 15-20 percent who experienced sunburn skin problems. So, if applying sunscreen actually causes the skin become oily and spotty, try to multiply the consumption of dark chocolate.

4. Dandruff vs green tea
The last is dandruff skin problems. Green tea naturally helps peel off dead skin cells on the head, without making it dry. It can slow the growth of cells that cause itching and dandruff. The trick, brewed two bags of green tea in one cup of hot water for 20 minutes. After rather cold, massage into the scalp, then rinse.

Dandruff skin problems

Look again this prevent the skin problems by consuming healthy foods

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