Sleeping habits that weird of celebrities

Sleeping Habits that Weird of Celebrities is about weird celebrities sleeping habits. Each person has their sleeping habits. There are some just drink warm milk, but some are pretty weird as did by the celebrities. Here the Sleeping Habits that Weird of Celebrities.

Sleeping habits, here the celebrities

1. Tom Cruise
Apparently, snoring is also become a sleeping habits of Tom Cruise. Because of his habit, he went to exile in a special room that had been built Tom at his home in Beverly Hills. According to the Daily Mail, the room was named ‘snoratoria’.

Tom Cruise, weird celebrities sleeping habits

2. Karl Lagerfeld
This is the second of weird celebrities sleeping habits. This famous designer should use the clothes that he thought comfortably while sleeping. “I wore a long white T-shirt made of a material called poplin Imperia, made for me by Hilditch & Key in Paris after designed the men shirt on the night of the 17th century that I saw in the Victoria and Albert museum,” explains Karl.

Karl Lagerfeld, weird celebrities sleeping habits

3. Eminem
Eminem is the third of weird celebrities sleeping habits. Health experts recommend for sleep in a dark room for a quality rest. It was also done by American rapper, Eminem. According to The Sun, he stick his window with aluminum foil to block the sunlight.

Eminem, weird celebrities sleeping habits

Sleeping habits, the next celebrities

4. Mariah Carey
Here the next of weird celebrities sleeping habits. Many doctors say that sleep is enough for an adult is about 7 to 8 hours. But, for Mariah Carey, can sleep up to 15 hours if she felt very tired.

Mariah Carey, weird celebrities sleeping habits

5. Lady Gaga
This is the last of weird celebrities sleeping habits. Do you remember when Lady Gaga attend the Grammy Awards 2011 ceremony? she comes by carried in an egg. And that applied to her daily life by transforming the bed into the egg.

Lady Gaga, weird celebrities sleeping habits

Look again this, weird celebrities sleeping habits

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