Spicy food, heart health

Spicy Food Good For Heart Health is about maintain the heart health with spicy food. Spicy food is not always has a negative impact on the body. According to research, many varieties of chili that was able to reduce high blood pressure and makes the heart health. The researchers say that the compound contained in cayennes chili, jalapenos and other types of chili can reduce the blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. Researchers also found that the spicy food has great potential to protect against heart disease.


Spicy food with Capsaicinoids

Research conducted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong was focused on the substance is known as the ‘Capsaicinoids’. Substance that gives spicy taste was served to prevent the blood clots.

“We now know more detail and clear about the deepest effects of spicy food that can affect cholesterol and the blood vessel health. The research was provides that information,” said one researcher Dr Zhen-Yu Chen

The conclusion was obtained from tests on two groups of hamsters that on high cholesterol diet. One group of hamsters were given spicy food which containing a lot containing Capsaicinoids, while groups of hamsters were given a food without containing Capsaicinoids.

Researchers found the spicy substance can reduce bad cholesterol levels by reducing the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. In addition, Capsaicinoids on spicy food can also make the muscles becomes relax, so the blood flow to the heart.

Spicy food, do not eat in excess

“We conclude that Capsaicinoids on spicy food have benefits in increasing the variety of factors related to heart and vascular health,” said Dr Chen.

“But we do not advise people to eat chili in excess. A good diet is about balance. And remember, chili is not a substitute for medical drugs that have proven benefits,” added Cheng.

Spicy food heart health

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