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Tea Benefits for Natural Beauty is about the sensation of tea benefits for a natural beauty. Tea not only refreshed when drunk, but can also be used for beauty treatments. One of the tea benefits is tannin that contained in tea can nourish hair, so it suitable for an easy hair fall out and thin hair. Here are tea benefits for natural beauty that you can get.

Tea benefits, natural beauty

Tea benefits, here for natural beauty

1. Nourish hair
The first tea benefits is nourish hair. Brewed traditional tea without taste, two to three tablespoons with hot water, and leave overnight. The next morning, strain the tea. Then applied that tea water to the scalp evenly. Let stand for 15 minutes, then wash as usual.

Tea benefits, nourish hair

2. As a natural sun protector
The next tea benefits is tea as a natural sun protector. Brewed two to three tablespoons of green tea. Let the tea brew until cool. After that, filtered by using a thin fabric. Use that filtered water to compress areas of the body that will be stung by the sun. Let stand for 10 minutes until dry and then add your sunscreen.

Natural beauty, tea benefits

The next natural beauty with tea benefits

3. Overcoming body odor
The third tea benefits is overcoming body odor. Brewed a handful of green tea, then add 2-3 rose petals, then let stand overnight. The next morning, strain the tea, pour tea into the bath tub to soak. Compounds in tea will reduce body odor and the roses will provide a natural freshness.

Tea benefits, overcoming body odor

4. Reducing the oil content in the face
The last tea benefits is reducing the oil content. Pour green tea into ice molds, then put in freezer. The next day, take one green tea ice cubes, rub it evenly throughout the face. Let stand for 5 minutes until dry. In this way the oily skin will be reduced.

Tea benefits, reduce oil content

Look again this sensation of tea benefits for a natural beauty

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