Ways to feel happy with 5 things

Ways to Feel Happy with 5 Things is about 5 things that make you fell happy. Money and marriage, two things that often seem to pose a problem for many people. But according to research, money and marriage can actually make a person smile more often. As quoted from the Shape, here are some other things that can give you happiness only at Ways to Feel Happy with 5 Things.

Ways to feel happy, here the list

1. Money
Based on research in 2010, published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, a person’s happiness level will increase along with the increase of the money earned. In addition, Michael Norton, a professor at Harvard Business School, said that the money spent is not for yourself, but others will bring happiness.

3. Meditation
Several studies have found a correlation between regular meditation with physical changes in the brain similar to when a person is taking anti-depressant medication. People who meditate not only be happier than other people, but research shows that their brains can create stress decreases. Simply 20 minutes a meditation on a regular basis, you can already feel the benefits.

3. Wives thinner than husbands
In a 2011 study, scientists in Tennessee, USA revealed that married life will be happier if the wife is thinner than husband. Scientists were examining the body mass index or BMI of 170 newly married couples to get a conclusion. Given this research, it does not mean you are become comparing yourself to your husband. But the idea of getting the body fit with your husband good to try. Not only healthy, harmonious household can participate forged. – Ways to Feel Happy with 5 Things

Ways to feel happy, the next things

4. Married
A recent study found that marriage can make a person happier than those with single status. Research in Michigan, America revealed that people who are not married tend to decrease happiness over time, whereas those with the status of ‘marriage’, not feeling it.

5. Get older
Turns out age is not just a number. A British website found through poll that 70 percent of people over the age of 40 years said that they were at the time of the happiest in their life. In addition, survey participants also felt  had achieved true happiness in the age of those who are no longer young. – Ways to Feel Happy with 5 Things

Look again this, 5 things of ways to feel happy

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